Yum Brigadeiro - About Us - Amanda and Leia

Our sweet story...

My mom, Leia, and I were born in Goiania, Brazil.
We moved to the Seattle area in the early 2000's and since then have called it home,
yet our hearts have preserved our Brazilian culture and traditions.

Mom has always been super creative and crafty.
Give her an idea and she will turn that into life. She can’t sit still and is always creating new things,
wondering which one could someday be turned into a business.

I consider myself a visionary, act-and-make-it-happen kind of person,
goal-oriented and passionate about what I believe in.

We both knew someday we'd start a business together and share our culture with America.
After many years and many business ideas… Yum Brigadeiro [bree-gah-de-roh]  was born.
Mom is the behind-the-scene chef while I am the face of the business.
Together and each with our "super powers", we are excited to share this yummy Brazilian dessert with you.

No Brazilian party dares to exist without brigadeiro.
So, indulge yourself in this amazing Yum Brigadeiro spread for a taste of Brazil in your home.

With love, from our kitchen to yours,.


- Amanda -

Brazilian Gourmet.