Yum Brigadeiro - What is brigadeiro?

What is brigadeiro?

Brigadeiro is a big part of Brazilian culture:
a thick, creamy, chocolate dessert often rolled into little sprinkled balls and served at birthday parties, get togethers, weddings,
or simply at home with a spoon straight from the pot. Brigadeiro has also evolved into a tasty spread on crackers or fruit.

It all started around the 1940’s, after World War II, when brigadeiro was first created and sold during the presidential election in Brazil
as an attempt to achieve votes through the palate of the electorate.
The idea came from the faithful voters of candidate Eduardo Gomes, whose military rank was Brigadier (brigadeiro),
and it has been a success ever since.

It's not that easy to perfect this magical treat: one must bring the right ingredients,
watching the mix closely at the right stove top temperature for the right consistency and taste. 
Our special recipe just makes Yum Brigadeiro the most convenient way of enjoying this explosive taste of Brazil.

Brazilian Gourmet.